Advertising requirements

  1. The ad and the landing page should satisfy current legislation of the England and the Russian Federation.
  2. The landing page should not contain pornographic materials or links to such materials.
  3. The ad’s text should be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.
  4. The ad should correspond to the chosen content category.
  5. The landing page should match the ad’s content. The ad should not mislead the user in any way.
  6. The ad’s text should not contain uppercase words, with the exception of abbreviations.
  7. The ad should not link to an IP-address or to any type of downloadable and executable files (such as .exe). The landing page should not contain any links to such files.
  8. The advertiser should not register more than one account in the System without prior authorization from the Customer Support.
  9. The advertiser should not use multiple identical ads (ads with identical texts, images) in one account. Such identical ads would be blocked.
  10. The image should not contain: 1) photos or scans of personal identification documents (national IDs, driving licenses etc.), 2) imitations of such documents.
  11. In cases where URL is a redirect-page, this should be clearly stated in the interface along with the actual landing page URL.
  12. The advertiser should not significantly change the content of the landing page after submitting the ad for moderation.
  13. The maximum number of new ads might be limited for advertisers with monthly spend of less than 100 000 RUB/ 1500 USD/ 1500 EUR.